Water/antifreeze leack, + really wired sound from the engine. Pleas help to get best fix :)

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    Apr 11, 2017
    Audi a3 1.9 TDI 2000
    Hey all of you,

    Will really appreciate if you hint me what to do.

    I have audi a3 from 2000 TDI 1.9, (engine code is AHF/ASV).

    SO... here is my story.

    2 weeks ago I changed my thermostat (as my interior water sensor always was showing 60) than it was fixed.
    week ago I started to feel strange sound (like clicking, and seamed that something is opening and closing by making that air flow click) approximately where is located EGR valve, first I thought it is from EGR itself and was going to change it or to take to the service. Afterwards it gone away so I did not bother to do anything, and drove about 1500Km after.

    Yesterday I started my car used it for 30min city driving, and when I stopped it all antifreeze leacked away, and engine is making so wired and tough noise (it scared me), I putted 1 liter more and it leacked again instantly. The sound is coming from the left side of engine.

    Now I am really stack and do not know what to do.

    During this all time the power of car was so fine, even now with that wired noise car is going quite well (although I afraid to drive it even 1 meter).

    Would appreciate any kind of help. Can post videos and/or photos if needed.
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