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Discussion in 'General Diesel Discussion' started by Octavian Diaconu, Feb 28, 2017.

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    Oct 5, 2016
    Vw Polo 2006 1.4 TDI 59kW 1422cc BNV
    Bucharest, Romania

    I'm relatively new here and i can't find how to start a new thread.
    I'm hoping for some advice.
    I have a 2006, 1.4 TDI 80hp, BNV engine Polo 9N3.
    Since last autumn, my car developed a strage noise. Only if the ambienthal temperature is over 12-14 degrees celcius, only between 1600-1900 rpm, only above 70 degrees engine temperature, it make a vibrating noise (I can't say that is related to the engine's rmp - seems slower, but then again, if only one cylinder causes the noise....). It doesn't matter if the car is or not in gear, clutch pedal pressed or not, car moving or not, shifter at neutral or in any gear. I hear it like in the central upper dashboard area (I even removed the RCD, but it got colder outside and the noise did not appear anymore - I hoped that with the RCD out I could hear "better" in the dashboard).
    I am a bit worried as it sounds a bit like here : (the intake noise). http://www.myturbodiesel.com/wiki/camshaft-lobe-wear-inspection-and-replacement-on-tdi-pd-engine/
    If there were to be a bad lifter, would the noise be present al the time? Hot or cold engine? -20 or +20 air temp? Would it make some kind of more smoke on the exhaust? (it doesn't). I drove the car all winter, on the highway, in the city, at even -20, it not even once made the sound. Starts perfectly, no smoke, perfect diesel consumption, perfect power.
    If there were another problem, piston bolt, piston, etc, would it make noise all the time?
    The noise I hear only seems to be related to the ambienthal temp (over 12-14 deg) and engine temp (over 65-70 deg). Could a piston, piston bolt, etc make noise only at a very strict temp interval?
    Also, when the noise starts to appear, if I stop the car (not the engine) for 3-4 minutes, it disappears. I have to start driving again to appear....

    Thanks for your patience to read and hoping for any kind of advice.

    Drive safe!

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