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    from http://www.myturbodiesel.com/1000q/b7/vw-passat-tdi-faq.htm

    Volkswagen Passat TDI DIY and FAQ index for 2012+

    If you just bought a VW Passat TDI or are about to buy one, see 1000q: VW Passat TDI buying guide for tips and common questions/problems


    EZ-engine cover removal (forum)
    Engine oil change (Audi A3 shown but Passat is similar, 10,000 miles or as needed)
    Engine oil change for 2009-2012 TDI using an oil extractor from the top (Jetta shown but Passat si similar, 10,000 miles or as needed)
    Boost or vacuum leak check
    How to remove and replace the battery or battery shelf (Jetta shown but Passat is similar)
    Engine runaway FAQ (rare problem where the engine races on its own due to mechanical malfunction)
    Dieselgeek skid plate installation (protects the oil pan with a metal plate)

    Car Detailing

    Car detailing index: wash and wax the proper way, polishing paint, using rubbing compound, clay bar treatment
    Washing/waxing your car - yes, there is a right way
    Polishing your paint/swirl mark removal - enhance paint shine and remove paint spiderwebbing
    Clay bar treatment - make the paint feel like glass
    Sticker removal - safely remove that sticker from the paint
    Headlight polishing - restore the headlight plastic to clear
    Wax stain removal - remove white stains on the trim
    Paint chip repair
    Small scratch removal


    Brake tips and busting big brake myths
    How to paint the brake calipers (shown on Audi A3 but Passat is similar)

    Wheel / tire / gearing calculator

    VW TDI specific tire size and wheel offset calculator - also shows fender clearance, offset, and final drive calculator


    DIY pressure brake/clutch bleeder
    TDI clutch and flywheel general FAQ
    DSG transmission FAQ
    DSG filter + fluid service (every 40,000 miles)
    Manual transmission shifter cable adjustment
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATy7ZIhIrEY (external youtube link)
    Dieselgeek sigma 6 short shifter installation and review

    VAG COM (now called VCDS) modifications for the VW Jetta

    How to activate auto wipers or adjust auto light sensitivity
    Auto close windows-sunroof when it rains (you must have auto wipers-headlights for this function)
    Enabling emergency brake light flashing (flashes on the brake or hazard lights when ABS is activated)
    Correcting an inaccurate fuel economy mpg gauge

    Bluetooth, GPS navigation, and interior electrics

    RNS-510 in dash GPS system FAQ (OEM VW GPS touchscreen navigation system 2009+)
    RNS 315 OEM in-dash GPS system information (smaller touchscreen system on 2010+, can swap into earlier cars)
    MFD+ (full screen multifunction display) FAQ and menu options explained
    Bluetooth FAQ for mk5 and mk6 VW Jetta sedans, wagons, Golf, and Passat
    9w7 bluetooth retrofit and features
    How to install a homelink remote for your garage in your center console
    How to remove the instrument cluster, replace the gauge faces, move the speedometer needle, or dim the high beam LED light (Jetta shown but Passat should be similar)
    How to remove the radio or OEM GPS (Jetta shown but Passat should be similar)
    OEM backup camera installation on a Golf
    How to swap in power, heated seats, or reupholster the seat (shown on earlier Passat but same basic idea)
    How to add a fuse or new circuit to the fusebox


    What the part numbers mean and how to decode them in the Volkswagen part numbering system in ETKA
    Aspheric (blind spot), convex, and flat - mirror replacement and repair FAQ
    How to use a torque wrench and torque wrench FAQ
    How to replace or remove the DSG shifter handle
    Adding soundproofing to your car and introduction to soundproofing theory
    OEM VW/Audi wheel picture gallery, part numbers, and specs
    Tips and tricks for the mechanic
    Clearing the sunroof drains to prevent water in the interior
    Making wood blocks to raise the car
    fender rolling to fit larger wheels

    General diesel and TDI FAQ at 1000 answered questions: index
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