VW is now selling 2015 TDI cars

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    Hey ladies and gents,
    Just bought a Golf wagon TDI yesterday, 5-10-2017, brand new, SE, full warranty, $5000 off MSRP and 72 months free financing. Year model 2015
    There are some Sportwagens left for sale at various dealers but best if the cars are inspected since they've been sitting in lots for 2.5 years. Mine was kept indoors, and it is perfect. The offer isn't advertised on the VW website but the dealers are eager to tell you about it especially if they own some cars. The offer is supposedly good until May 31st 2017. What happens after that date nobody really knows but I'm sure there are going to be some awesome deals out there regardless. The car that I bought has the new ECU programming and didn't notice much of a difference on the short test drive. However, there are going to be some more modifications by 2019 as the recall unfolds. Supposedly there are about 12,000 cars around dealers and probably about 4,000 wagons.....so hurry up...
    Any questions.....don't hesitate to contact me, I'll try to explain them to the best I can BUT a phone call to your local dealer will reveal what they have in stock or available through exchange. Exchanges aren't something they are eager to do unless they have a combination of color and options difficult to sell.
    Best of luck my fellow TDI fans.
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