VCDS group 13&23 interpreting help

Discussion in 'Ross Tech VCDS forum' started by ramman, Nov 16, 2015.

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    Dec 9, 2010
    VW Jetta 2000
    Can someone help me interpret these VCDS group 13 &23 numbers for my bad miss problem on 06 PD engine.
    group 13 2.99 mg/str 2.99mg/str -301mg/str =301mg/str
    group 23 -128.0 -64.0 -61.0 -54.0
    I recently bought 06 Jetta 5 speed with a distinct 3 cylinder idle, above 2500 rpm it pulls like my old tuned ALH, check'd engine cam today and I see no issue, not sharp on edges lobes look good unless I missed something.
    Cold compression test revealed cyl #1 -300 cyl#2-300 cyl #3-290 cyl #4-300.
    #1 #2 injectors show evidence of Plier marks on the I assume solenoid, large nut shaped part on front of it. Unplugged #1 then #2 expecting to determine the missing Cyl like an old Gas engine but both affected it ???
    I didn't try 3 &4 assuming the Cyl#1 misfire code indicated the problem cyl.
    new to the PD thing, three ALH cars in the past 10 years. Any help appreciated.

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