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    Sep 20, 2016
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    Hello everybody. I had a great experience getting my timing belt done last month by simply lurking and feeding off the resources here and at However, I've found that research on transmission removal is limited and questionable.

    Here's the rundown... I have a 2010 Jetta Sportwagen TDI (obviously) with a manual 6 speed tranny . Last week, my clutch pedal lost pressure and collapsed to the floorboard. When I try to pump the clutch, brake fluid flows freely from the transmission. You can see it here - I believe the slave cylinder is kaput! So I'm trying to look up info, but I was surprised to find that there wasn't a procedure specific to my car.

    I've some questions:
    What is it? Do I have a MKV or MKVI?! I thought it was a MKVI...
    What tranny do I have? (Like how I have a CJAA engine)
    Does apply to my vehicle with a 6 speed?

    Very grateful for any input and help! [​IMG]
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    1. Mk6

    2. MT6

    3. Yes for your extent. However slave cylinder is mounted to the outside of transaxle, and does not require pulling engine or transmission.

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