Timing Belt Installed - Torsion Out of Range

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    This is sort of a duplicate of a more ambiguously-stated question I posted earlier. I did my camshaft/lifters/timing belt this weekend and while the car seems to run fine (slight stumble on restarting while hot this morning but great acceleration squeaking tires with the DSG), the little hole on the toothed window is jacked over to the left as shown by the red dot in this picture.

    VCDS says torsion is -2.5. I take it that means my timing is retarded? The article on this subject says that "Turning the bolt (and pulley underneath the toothed sprocket) clockwise will advance timing..."

    Does that mean I can simply loosen the three cam sprocket bolts and tap that hole to the right (clockwise) and get my timing where it needs to be? Can it be that simple?

    Now that means there is no way the camshaft alignment tool will ever go in (when the crank is at TDC the camshaft tool goes in now but is a tight fit). Is that ok?

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    I don't personally take the cam lock pin to be the perfect source. I think it's job is to make sure things are close enough that the car will run and there will be no damage. You can drive it the way it isl. I think the torsion value is the definitive answer, -2.5 means you need to bump it forward. When i adjusted mine, I released the 3 bolts and carefully bumped the 18mm cam bolt forward or back as needed, it really does not take much at all. I really did not pay much attention to the hole once things were back to together. The computer knows what is going on. But if you bump things forward, the hole will move closer to the center.
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