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    Hi folks I have a 2009 Golf Mk6 I have very poor FM radio signal in my car, has anyone else who has had this or do they if anyone has a solution for this?
    When stationary the signal is fine but when driving around it's more or less useless I just can't get a decent signal,
    Radio is a RNS-315 DAB antenna is in the rear window not an external antenna,
    It has worked perfectly until now but I just seem to get a signal for a small amount of time when i driving along RDS is on but doesn’t make a difference ,
    The problem is across all FM channels. It doesn't seem to be related to surrounding buildings, I really need this fixed as I am at a loose end with this and need to find a solution.
    I have noticed that in the hidden menu under FM ANT1 & ANT2 is off & AM ANT is off also,
    But under DAB ANT is showing as on.

    So far I have replaced the amplifier which isn't the issue, or they sent me a faulty part,
    How would I know the amplifier is getting power?



    Replacement amplifier :


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