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    AUDI Q5 2008 TDI 170HP CAHA
    Hello everyone
    Just wanted to post my experience for anyone out there who might experience the same problems.

    My car is an Audi Q5 2009 2.0 TDI quattro. It has the CR engine with CAHA engine code.
    I got it with 110000km 4 years ago and now has 256000km. Have been servicing it myself at a friends garage. I always use 5 30 castrol oil (type LL) every 15000km. I have a VCDS cable and ElsaWin...

    Last november during a flywheel/clutch replacement I deleted the dpf. I hollowed the existing dpf canister and got the dpf removed in a local tuner shop. All went flawlesslly. Car had slightly improved mpg and Performance!!

    A month ago as I was driving on a countryside road a message "stop engine and check engine oil" flashed on the dashboard. I stopped as soon as possible (maybe 1 km afterwards). Engine oil was ok. I called my friend the mechanic. He told me to start the engine and uncap tge oil cap and see if oil was up there. I did and it was. He told me to drive only if there was no funny sounds from the engine. The engine sounded ok so I drove back. The warning came on again the car went into a safe mode (wasnt able to rev above 2.5k rpm) and lots of black smoke came off the exhaust. I got to my friends carage (60km) with no other problem other than limp mode. Long story short... Turbo was gone. Ordered a remann one from a respectable uk site. One week later turbo was on... As per turbo instructions we cranked the engine with the rail pressure sender disconnected to prime it with oil.... No oil was coming!!!
    2 hours later and after dismantling the oil pan we discovered that the hex drive shaft (77mm) of the oil pump has been rounded off at the balance shaft. Boy was I LUCKY!!! Apparently there was still some movement of the shaft that saved my engine during those 60km (had my little one with me and decided to drive home instead of waiting for 2 hours for the autohelp.... STUPID ME)
    ANYWAY... the shaft was replaced the next morning, everything put back together new oil and Filter and the car is OK.
    A week later I started to notice something strange... The car would start ok in the morning but 2 minutes later as it was warming up there would be a little white smoke from the exhaust. The smoke would stop as soon as the car got to operating temp and unless it was left for 5 hours or more to cool it would not do it again. The next morning was the same. Everyday the smoke got worse until finally it would smoke a LOT during warm up and not Completely stop after warm. Ok so now we have a different issue alltogether cause my original thoughts were that it was oil from the gone turbo in the exhaust burning up somehow (the intercooler and piping we ckeaned when changing the turbo)

    The car run fine apart from the white smoke... Started up immediately, idle was dead stable, power was the same and even mpg were ideal.
    No codes in VCDS!!!
    Compression test ok
    Glowplugs : cyl 1 had the glowplug full of diesel fuel in the bottom half.
    EGR and Egr cooler full of gunk but operational.(cleaned by the way)
    Diagnosis was that the injector was sticking open.
    Ordered 4 brand new injectors.(These piezo type BOSCH injectors are NOT remannufacturable)
    Changed injectors and recoded them in ECU. Changed glowplugs as well.
    Started the car after priming fuel system with VCDS. A lot of smoke for 10 minutes then ok... Happy
    Next morning smoke is the same as when the issue started just when warming up. We think it is leftover diesel fuel in the exhaust and it will burn off. Next day the same.... I go for 200km italian tune...

    Next day the same.... Check oil and it is on minimum (a lot of consumption for just 3000km from changing the turbo...) WTF?!?!
    I am now thinking piston springs or valve stem seals from the low oil situation....
    We do an oil engine flush with liqui moly and change the oil and filter as a last resort before moving to engine teardown...
    Lots of smoke the first start but then all magically cleared up!!!!!!!
    My mechanic told me that the most possible senario that happened is this:
    Diesel fuel was leaking from a bad injector overnight in the combustion chamber. It found its way to engine oil through the piston or valve stem seals (or vice versa) This degraded the engine oil and it started leaking through places it should not have and was burning off till heat sealed everything up.
    Bottom line : if you have a bad injector that is flooding the cylinder with diesel ALWAYS change oil and filter after replacing it just to be sure....
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