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    Nov 12, 2017
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    Just purchased a used 2005 Passat with 124k miles on the clock. It came with extensive maintenance records and seems like it had a good home... but there are still some things that need attention.
    1. Unable to lock driver's door with FOB. Horn sometimes honks when car starts! I'm thinking this is the Convenience Control Module? I know that the previous owner had the interior flood and the TCM was replaced. Is there any way to diagnose this or should I just grab a replacement CCM from a boneyard?
    2. Rough idle/vibration. I have another 1.8T gasser Passat that had this issue and I replaced the half-axles. On the TDI, I still have the vibration in neutral. The FAQ for this mentions that it could be ignition timing or worn cam. Any way to isolate this further without inspecting the cam?
    3. One of the receipts from a local shop the car came with shows the P0741 code being thrown (this was nearly 2 years and 7k miles ago). Shop note shows they added ATF (it was over a quart low) and advised to drive the car and follow up if the code re-emerged. I guess it hasn't. I have not put enough miles on the car to be completely confident it is resolved. Besides a manual tranny swap... what are my best options here? Just drive it?

    Awesome site. Long live the Passat.
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    Welcome! I have an 05 passat that I use for a commuter car. I love it and the economy can’t be beat. But I have the same issues.
    1. My Fob will not actuate the drivers door lock. This is just something I’ve felt with.

    2. Vibration at idle. At 95k mikes I did the timing belt, as well as the bsm delete kit with the new oil pump. This change increases longevity, but it increased the vibration. I followed the advice of many and did the raxle upgrade. This helped only slightly. Still a significant, uncomfortable vibration. I’m curious where the real solution is for this issue as well.

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