New baby Audi A3 p8, 2.0 tdi, bkd

Discussion in 'Audi TDI forums' started by Mar4ix, Feb 26, 2017.

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    Sep 19, 2013
    Now audi p8, 2.0 tdi bkd, in past vw passat 2001 , 1.9 TDI , AVF
    Ireland, Dublin
    Hi folks, have replaced my old ish vw passat, but still perfect condition (now my dad is driving it) with 3 door Audi A3 p8 (s-line) 2.0 tdi , bkd engine, 138 hp, year 2008.
    Car has 165 k miles, full service history, done in one audi dealer garage (receipts with creditcard payment slips - so no fake) .
    Car was due service and second timing belt .
    After analyzing service history, came to conclusion that car was doing 25-30 k miles a year, and serviced only once a year, so wonder would that affect engine, even if long life oil used.
    Car is not smoking, and going good.
    Passed test without an issues.
    I have replaced timing belt and all possible filters, thermostat and engine oil.
    I have noticed that car is a bit thirsty, driving mostly in city, traffic. 8-9 l/100 km. Timing is a bit advanced -2 degrees.
    While working on car, noticed that intercooler pipe connections ar greasy.. well greasy, and i suspect there is an boost leaks. Anyone would advice where to get reasonably priced intake pipe kit ? Might even would replace intercooler, to avoid clip connections.

    Any other things to look for that beauty?

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    If it was doing mostly highway driving, it's not as bad as city due to the cold starts and engine cycles.

    You can go a little longer on the engine oil but 30k miles is way too long! But if it's running fine, I wouldn't lose any sleep over it since it's done.

    The intake pipes may just need fresh o-rings. They often seep a little oil as well.

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