Need help, 2014 cruze 2.0l

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    Jan 2, 2018
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    Canton, MI
    I'm not sure how to start, but here goes maybe. I live in Canton, MI, and would like your feedback on the problem I'm having with my daughters 2014 Cruze.
    This is my first experience with diesel, and turbo, so I know nothing. My experience is with gas engine.

    While driving the engine trouble light came on and engine started shutting down.
    When looking for the problem, I noticed a lot of oil in the air breather. the oil dip stick shot across the garage spraying oil. (It will start again, and will idle, but shuts down again after a minute or so..)
    I removed the tube from cam cover (PCV valve) to the air filter (at the valve near filter, to see if the PCV valve was blocked, and felt a good flow, but when increasing the speed, it's really strong. Is that normal?
    There was some oil on turbo intake, so I checked to see if turbo had frozen. The turbo fin will spin freely by hand when engine is off, but noticed in and out movement about quarter of inch. Do you need more info? Appreciate any help/advice.
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