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    Correction on my math for my 2010 6 speed stick TDI as I stated above, some five posts before this. I said 92.8 ozs of gear lube and it should be 78.4 ozs., for a lube change. I made the change to my post where I made the math mistake some 5 posts before . On the Amsoil site they state it is a O2Q trans., and the capacity is 4.9 pints. Anyone have a service manual and do they say the amount?
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    Hi guys,

    I actually read most of this thread. I either missed it, or the info was not clearly stated. I have a 2006 Polo TDI BNV JCZ transmission. In 2007-2008, the car had a service action (as they call it), and they replaced the gear oil. Part number used: G052512S0. As I found out, this is an internal part number. We can buy it as G052512A2. At around 100k km, I bought gear oil from the dealer - part number G070726A2. At around 200k km - same part number. I didn't pay any attention to the part number. I thought they will sell me what the car uses...
    What do you think I should buy now: G052512A2 or G070726A2. Does anyone know for sure the difference between the two?
    I'm thinking about this because I have 2 different noises from the gearbox:
    1. something like "hhhhh" when under 0C, at first start in the morning. it stops when the clutch is completely disengaged (everything in the gearbox stops). if it's only half, sound is still there. after 5-10 min of driving, the sound goes away. If over 10C, sound is not present.
    2. after wellwarmed up gear box, when over 20C in the air, just before the car comes to a complete stop, so 1-2 km/h, it makes a knocking sound but not continuously - it's like the sound can be heard every 45 degrees of the wheel. car can stop and the noise may or may be not present ( depends on where the wheel or driveshaft stops). if the noise is present, it goes away if trying to engage 3rd or 4th gear without pressing the clutch, or if turning the steering wheel !! it also goes away gradually if pressing the clutch. if the car stops and the noise is not present, I can be heard if turning the steering wheel.
    if there was a gearbox issue, why is it affected by the turning of the steering wheel?
    the car has no abnormal noises when driven: hard accelerating, hard decelerating, turning hard uphill, breaking hard downhill and turning.
    someone gave me the idea of checking the tapered coned bronze ring from the flanged output shaft that comes out of the diff, and when doing so, I will put fresh gearoil in. now, what should I use G052512A2 (the service action oil) or the G070726A2 (the oil that the dealer would sell me now according the VIN) ?

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