long crank no start

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    Jan 28, 2011
    2005 Passat TDI BHW AT.
    2005 Passat BHW 2.o TDI I replaced fuel filter dry, Big Mistake, I started Passat and it ran 2 minutes. I turned key off to clean up. It then will not start after that. I removed fuel line from tank to filter. Powered VCDS group 35 fuel pump on and have lots of flow into jug. I removed return line from Temp Tee and put in jug. I cycled pump 60 sec about 10 times got lots of air but very little fuel. No more air bubbles so connected and cranked. 20 seconds long crank then ,STOP Eng oil pressure, message appears on dash. That never happened before. Is that message normal after long crank? Still no start. I do not get any fuel smell from exhaust. I installed tandem pump 200 miles ago. Changed oil just before but started engine after oil changed and it ran 4 minutes check for leaks, non found. Then I changed fuel filter. Can I verify and fuel through injectors with VCDS during crank? No codes, or check engine lamp.

    Thanks for your help. Lloyd
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