Intermittent no start! P3007

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    Mar 20, 2017
    09 jetta tdi
    Imlay city Mi
    My 09 jetta cjaa has been having intermittent no start issues. I have a brand new battery starter and Camshaft position sensor. The only DTC that is logged is the p3007 camshaft position sensor no signal. I replaced the sensor and still some times the car will start some times it wont. I have checked fuel pressure it is good it will run like a champ when it wants. In fact today we unplugged the CPS and the car still started and ran. The DTC codes cleared themselves. So we plugged in the CPS went on a 40 min drive no problems. Shut it off and started it again it thru p3007 again but started. So we cleared the codes on the scanner and Pulled it into the garage let it sit for 2 hours now it wont start again if i wait for the next 6 hours i will be able to go out and she will fire up. Something is not tell the injectors to fire when it doesnt start cant get amy voltage with a multimeter or test light when cranking.Has anyone had this problem and or have any suggestions. Thanks
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