How many diesels have you owned?

Discussion in 'The off ramp' started by earlthepearl, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. earlthepearl

    earlthepearl New Member

    Sep 6, 2017
    VW, Passat TDI GLS, 2004
    NC Mountains
    Trans swap, 6 M, Geared BS, Stage 2 chip, W 8 leather seats
    I'm sure many on this forum have owned more, but I've had a few. I started this obsession in 1998 with the purchase of an A3 Jetta, 5 M. I was hooked! The rest are listed below.

    2000 NB, 5M. Still have this one with 385,000 miles. Looks rough inside and out, but still going strong.
    2002 Golf, 5M. Misfueled by my brother! RIP
    2005 Passat Sedan. My wife really loved this car. Traded for an upgrade.
    2009 Jetta, 6M. Sold back to VW with 245 K on the clock. Great car!
    2010 Touareg. This was the upgrade for the wife. Sold back to VW with 250 K. Replaced with a 2018 Tiguan SE. She misses the Touareg.
    2004 Passat GLS with mods. My current ride!

    These cars were used primarily for business, thus the high mileage. No better reason to have a diesel!
  2. DubFamily

    DubFamily Active Member

    May 30, 2012
    2014 BMW 328D xDrive
    Southern Maryland / DC
    '12 Golf TDI sold to VW 2/8/17
    1984 VW Rabbit Diesel
    2012 VW Golf Diesel
    2014 BMW F30 Diesel.

    That's it, still love them though, particularly with my ~125 mile round trip commute.
  3. gt4494

    gt4494 Active Member

    Jan 15, 2011
    2005 NB
    Southeast Coast on I-95. Radar detector on and yes Herbie still gets 40mpg at 80 mph
    1982 Rabbit Bought new - same car twice. sold it to a friend and bought it back 3 years laer. Finally died with a warped head
    1998 E300 MB Accident at 225K. Ins totaled
    2001 Jetta T-Boned on Drivers pillar - Walked away - Total loss
    2005 NB "Herbie Jr." 275K and going strong
    2012 E350 MB Bluetec

    You tell me which ones I drive and which ones were the Misses... :)

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