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    May 23, 2007
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    Thank you for supporting this website! Your donations and then some have gone back into site maintenance and creating new DIY/FAQ articles and media like the youtube channel and buying things like the CBEA/CJAA demo engine. The demo engine was purchased solely to provide a clear illustration of procedures like HPFP and timing belt replacement for the CBEA/CJAA engines. I provide my honest opinion of strengths, weaknesses, and common problems in the buying guides and do not receive any money from the auto manufacturers. (Even if I did I'd still provide an honest opinion).

    The website started in 2007 to provide an updated and reliable reference for TDI. 90% of the FAQ and DIY articles are my own personal work and are constantly improved with your input. As the site grows it takes more and more time to ensure the same level of quality.

    If the site has helped you save some money, feel free to give any amount back as a gesture of thanks or make an original DIY article to help others. As an example, the factory service manual costs about $90 and average dealership labor is $100/hr. There's a yellow paypal button at the top of the forum and FAQ pages where you can help through a credit card payment using paypal even if you do not have a paypal account. The suggested donation starts at $20 but any amount is much appreciated. You can enter your own amount when donating. This website is not a 501(c) charity so unfortunately, a donation is not tax-deductible.

    If you have any technical problems using paypal donation, please send me a PM (click on my profile link to send a message). Thank you in advance! - chittychittybangbang
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