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    As stated in the title, 1997 B4 Passat TDI Sedan for sale. Asking $2000 OBO.

    Odometer = 378k Miles, consistently provides 45 mpg

    I bought this vehicle in 2005 with 285k Miles, the previous owner was a sales rep whose sales area was the entire state of Virginia. Previous owner had a reman engine installed (due to not performing timing belt maintenance) and installed an aftermarket radio.

    Since purchase, I have performed most of the maintenance myself or had the dealer perform repairs that I either did not have the time to perform or could not perform myself. All windows and sunroof operate flawlessly. AC Blows Ice Cold.

    The following is a list of common or major repairs that have been performed on the vehicle while in my possession:
    Inner Tie Rods Repaced 2005 (288K Miles)
    Fuel Pump was replaced in 2005 (290K Miles)
    Clutch Replaced in 2006 (315K Miles)
    Struts & Shocks Replaced with Koni Reds 2008 (322K Miles)
    Rear Motor Mount & Transmission Mount Replaced (322K Miles)
    Front Subframe replaced 2008 (322K Miles)
    Radiator & All Coolant Hoses Replaced 2008 (325K Miles)
    Rear Brakes/Rotors/Wheel Bearings replaced 2009 (328K Miles)
    Downpipe Replaced 2009 (328K Miles)
    Flexible Brake Lines Replaced with Stainless Steel Braid Lines 2010 (333K Miles)
    Passengers Axle Assembly replaced 2011 (342K Miles)
    Front Brakes/Rotors/Wheel Bearings replaced 2011 (342K Miles)
    Outer Tie Rod Ends/Ball Joints Replaced 2011 (342K Miles)
    HVAC Foam replaced 2012 (347K Miles)
    Clutch Master & Slave Cylinders Replaced 2013 (352K Miles)
    A/C Compressor & Dryer Replaced in 2013 (357K Miles)
    Timing Belt & Water Pump Replaced 2014 (362K Miles)
    Main Positive Power Line from Battery to Terminal Block replaced 2015 (375K Miles)
    Oil Last Changed 2016 (378K Miles)

    Known issues:
    Clearcoat has peeled (paint is otherwise in decent condition), battery has slight drain issue that I haven't been able to track down, Trunk Lock inoperative by key (works by electronic button in center console), Front Passenger Door Handle is problematic.

    Car is located in Suffolk, VA. PM me if you have any specific questions.
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