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Discussion in 'Diesel parts' started by 82Date, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. 82Date

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    Oct 25, 2011
    2006 Jet BRM
    Needs help--broken TB--OUCH !!
    Have detailed photos of all parts--20% of sale goes to support site--include $10 shipping in your offering
    Will accept reasonable offer on all parts

    Alternator and A/C mount--upper bolt hole cracked
    Cam Sprocket--no damage w/bolts
    Dipstick tube--NO dipstick
    EGR cooler--about 50k miles on cooler have Dealership receipt for documentation--NO leaks
    EGR Tube
    Engine Brackets
    Engine harness cut at frame--missing EGR connector
    Front crank pulley
    Front mount
    Intake manifold
    Thermostat housing
    Timing belt covers 4 parts, broken tab onto head
    Turbo inlet housing and shoulder bolt
    Turbo return line
    Valve cover--does not hold vacuum--with gasket
    Radio, worn face by volume control
    Head--will need to take photos--cam replace by dealership--about 75k miles--cam looks good--may need valve guide work as broken timing belt + $40 shipping
    Block--300k--still see cross hatch on cylinder walls--shipping TBD

    PM for photos and your offer--response within 48 hours

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