For Sale: 1996/97 VW Passat Wagon GLX TDI conversion - needs head gasket

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    Jan 11, 2011
    1996 B4v Passat GLX TDI wagon
    carbondale, CO
    1996 / 1997 VW passat variant (station wagon) B4 GLX TDI, turbo diesel. Was originally a VR6 motor professionally converted by a European diesel mechanic in Portland, OR to a 1997 TDI 1Z motor. I think it needs a head gasket, which is very rare for these motors as it only has 162k miles on it now. Very recent struts, shocks, calipers.

    Heated leather seats, traction control, ABS, sunroof, mudflaps, short shift kit, conservatively chipped, bug guard, tinted windows, new low rolling resistance ECO tires (it gets 52 MPG in the summer, about 48 in the winter with studded snows on separate rims), nice kenwood stereo, new wipers, windshield, glass headlight, front grill paint, etc. Well cared for.

    This was my baby but I'm building a house and can't spare the money to fix the head gasket. I'm going solar powered electric with a chevy bolt soon. This car has all the bells and whistles that never came with the TDI diesel motor. It's fast with great economy and handles well for a station wagon. Fun to Drive.

    Open to reasonable offers - 25 gallon fuel tank at 50 MPG = over 1,000 miles on a tank of diesel. I'll throw in all my extra parts including an uninstalled frost heater (winter coolant pre-heater for easy starts - doesn't need it b/c it starts great when the ignition switch is working), air filter, fuel filter, ignition switches, etc for a full price offer.

    Can't be driven too far or the brand new coolant overflow tank gets over pressurized and starts spitting coolant. Rear drivers door handle broken - i have a brand new one, not installed yet. Ignition switch is starting to act up again, have 2 replacements on hand.

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    VW TDI
    Hey there, is your VW TDI wagon still available for sale? What would you consider to be a reasonable offer?

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