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  1. Rogue McRae

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    Apr 3, 2017
    Volkswagen Golf 2006
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    So I had actually been looking for another 2003.5 Jetta GLI but came across this 2006 Golf TDI GLS. I'm currently driving a 4x4 truck and my mpg was killing me now that I moved 12 miles away from work. Well, I pick up the golf on Thursday and won't get too much driving in it because I'm getting g surgery on Friday. But I'm hoping there a few things I can do to it will on recovery. There were a few things , nothing major that don't have to get done asap but I guess it's more for peace of mind.
    1. The glove box is broken, the key entry had fallen out and the guy didn't know how to fix.
    2. The hood release always comes off when you turn it to pop the hood
    3. The passenger rear door doesn't open all the time. The guy said flip a coin, that's your odds of having it open.
    4. He took of the muffle and put a pipe on it. The pipe is being held up with zip ties. I'm looking for more of a permenant fix.

    I had belonged to a ranger forum for my truck and so glad to find one of these. I'll always be asking questions. Looking forward to the conversations.
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    Check out the mk4 new buying guide for the common issues.

    Glove box is common problem.

    Once you get door off, take off inner door card, the door module is a common problem or may just need adjustment or replacement.
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