Bad injectors or something else

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  1. Svenskeeen

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    Dec 11, 2017
    VW Passat 3bg/3b6 2004 1.9tdi
    Hi, i'm new to this forum, and i need some help with my 04 passat 1.9tdi

    the engine is shaking bad and for the most part sounds like a old ship when idle, but when the engine is at about 2500-3000 rpm it sounds fine and all the problem disapears.

    i hocked up my VAG-com to read out group 008 and 023 to see if i could find any abnormalities

    Address 01: Engine (038 906 019 KC)
    18:52:15 Group 008: Injected Quantity(IQ) limitation (3rd gear - 3000rpm - full load)
    1785 /min Engine speed 2850-3150
    7.4 mg/str IQ driver's req 42-50
    52.7 mg/str IQ via rpm(Torq) 39-42
    22.5 mg/str IQ via MAF 48-52
    18:52:15 Group 023
    30.0 (no units)
    -5.0 (no units)
    13.0 (no units)
    25.0 (no units)

    as far as i can see is that the cyl2 injector is far off from the other.

    What can i do to make it better?
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