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    Sep 6, 2017
    audi a4 b5 1.9 tdi 1997,vw golf mk2 gtd 1990
    hello again to all, as I said in my presentation I have an Audi A4 B5 TDI (AFN), and I would like somebody has technical information or manuals for this engine with information of injection quantities, maf values to know if I interpret the values that I see no vag-com (vcds). At this time I have a fault 00575 - Intake Manifold Pressure: Control Difference, originally when I was pulling third speed up to 3100/3200 and the error appeared and sometimes the 00519, to start I changed the valve N75 for N18 and continued, it replaces the vacuum tubes and continued to appear, so I removed the turbo and had the geometry of the turbo trapped. the car was pulling well, until one day it at a speed of 160 kms / h, he gave a sob and when I turned on the vag-com had the 00575 - Intake Manifold Pressure: Control Difference again, now my question and the next one, after I removed the turbo to clean the geometry and after cleaning I saw that the turbo geometry lever was not leaning on the stop and I did not think it was normal, now this might be because it has the wrong geometry ring Anyone could post some photos, and the wrongly mounted ring can cause this malfunction, and I already have a new N75 to mount that the one in the car has the fitting of the tube that goes to the geometry was sorted because it must have party.the turbo in question and a vnt 15, and I was grateful for your help and I apologize for the long post
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