Another clutch pedal drop to the floor thread

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    Sep 28, 2016
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    Ok, I know that there have been quite a few threads regarding this issue but I just have a few questions that were not answered yet so I think I might ask one more time

    Several months ago my '06 BRM started to have a sticky clutch pedal. I had been able to pull it back with my toe and keep driving just fine until a few days ago, when no pressure could be felt at all when I push the pedal down.

    Here is what I observed: brake fluid level ok; no obvious leaking from the line or either cylinder. I decided to bleed it and see what happens. Well, I just didn't see any pressure building up in the system at all no matter how hard a buddy of mine pushed the pedal! Nothing comes out in the tubing attached to the nipple, not even bubble.

    So here goes my questions:

    1. Does this mean my master cylinder is dead or just a lot of air in the system?
    2. Do you recommend replacing both cylinders when I'm in there?(car has 220k miles)
    3. I saw(forgot where) people say that o-rings need to be replaced every time the hydraulic system is open. But I was only able to find the o-rings at idparts. over $20 for two pieces of rubber seems very steep. Can I use some gasket maker to seal it?
    4. Will Motive Products 0100 work with my car?

    Thank y'll for reading!
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    1. Which master cylinder there are 2, brake and clutch.
    2 Replacing both cylinders clutch master cylinder and clutch slave cylinder?
    3. The only O rings will be where the reservoir fits onto brake master. They haven't made master/slave cylinder repair kits for years.

    Personally I would try a pressurized brake bleeder before buying new cylinders. The feed for the clutch master cylinder comes from a pipe high up the brake master cylinder reservoir, make sure it topped right up.

    I know on the Mk4 Golf there is a bleed nipple on the clutch master cylinder which you can't see you have to feel for.
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