5th gear selector came out side of transmission

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    Hello all.

    2005 5-speed manual
    When I was driving home from work today, I was just leaving town and so just put the car into 5th gear for the first time since leaving work, after a few seconds maybe it just revved really high, almost like the clutch was slipping. However, I shifted into 4th and that was just fine. Back to 5th, same issue, and kind of hard to engage.
    Then I pulled over and now was unable to get it out of fifth at all. I got it out, but now it was not on neutral, but sort of stuck to the right side of neutral. After a little whiggling, that released too, but now I can only use reverse and 1-4, 5th will not go in. It doesn't even let me move the shifter "underneath" 5th in neutral, if that makes sense.
    I also currently hear a rattle when idling in neutral from the transmission side of the engine compartment that wasn't there before. I can't hear it from the top over the sound of the engine, but from the side.
    Little history:
    • I just got the cat at ~212k miles, now has about 214k.
    • A little while after I got it (first time it got colder), I noticed that when in 5th, the shifter would move a little when letting go off the accelerator pedal, and move forward when going back on it
    • Have maintenance history from previour owner. at 177k, clutch & flywheel were replaced, as well as synchros 1-4 rebuilt and reverse gear rebuilt (specialized VW/Audi shop)
    • After I noticed the shifter moving issue, I did some research and was pointed towards low gear oil. I fully replaced gear oil with the one from the VW dealer (I believe they gave me G61) Just shy of 2 liters went in. This resolved the issue, so I left it at that.
    • I had a slight grind when shifting into 5th if I shifter too quickly. I figured this was no big deal, just had to shift slowly.
    When I inspected the side of the transmission after smelling gear oil, this is what I found. Looks like somehow the 5th selector gear pushed out the side of the tranny cover?

    So my question is now what all will I likely need to replace? Just the synchro hub, or everything that touches the 5th gear?
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    id expect tranny.. unless your fully stripping it down to get all the metal outta the diff bearings.. then anything else thats damaged.. till taken apart yu do not know if the main or pinion shafts got damaged

    but neat fail :thumbsup
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    Jun 28, 2015
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    I'm not sure it makes economic sense to try to repair that transmission at this point even if you were doing all the labour yourself. I would look toward a salvage or remanufactured trans instead.

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