2006 Jetta TDI diesel fuel return cooler

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    Jetta TDI/2006
    I have a 2006 Jetta TDI and the fuel return cooler has developed a small fuel leak on the aluminum tube right at the 90 degree bend. I have 2 questions does anyone know the VW part #, I call the dealer this AM and the person I spoke to said that she did not show such a part, I have the Bentley's manual gave her the page in the manual that showed it, they were supposed to have someone call me but as yet they have not. Second question the fitting that transitions from the plastic fuel line to the aluminum tube is not like any fuel fitting I have seem, how does it work? There is no clamp or wrench pad??

    Thank You
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    Your don't say where you live, please as that to your profile?

    Fuel cooler - 1K0 203 491 B - £140.03 was dropped on 01/08/2007 for 1K0 203 491 D - £154.27
    Heat dissipator - 1J0 201 894 A - £182.69

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