2005 TDI passat (whole list of issues to resolve)

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    Oct 29, 2017
    2005 Passat TDI wagon
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    My TDI passat Wagon has been a royal pain from the day I purchased it. I got the car with 180K miles and the service history was totally unknown. I should have taken more time to wait on one with known history but wagons were kind of hard to come by. It has shaken even with good OEM axles installed, It has had water in the floors even after cleaning under the battery tray and even checking the headliner drains which were clean. The car has however provided me with about 50K miles of 33-35mpg traveling which I have enjoyed so i guess its a trade off.

    It is time for me to address some issues starting with known and then troubleshooting the unknown. Well I take that back, If the unknown is major I may skip the known and just find a good engine to swap in my car.

    The unknown issues is where is my engine coolant going? My car runs great, very little smoke unless you get on the accelerator hard, I see no obvious signs of leaks anywhere on the car but still my coolant level is low every few days. The engine oil is filthy not no sign of oil and like i said before I have very little smoke if any at all while idling and honestly none noticeable during normal driving. on another note, I have not noticed any boiling over or such due to the coolant system being pressurized from a head gasket leak so I am kind of stumped. I know all about leaking head gaskets after owning a Ford 6.0 which I finally snatched out in favor for a 5.9 Cummins common rail which I sure have enjoyed.

    Now, this issue I have dealt with the entire time I have owned the car. At first I suspected axles and yes the axles were worn a bit so i replaced them with low mile OEM axles and man it sure seemed nice for whole 2 miles or so. I have put my car in drive, pulled the parking brake and felt the axles and I feel no vibration or pulsing in the axles shafts and they just seem solid to me. There is no clicking when turning or anything like that. The car just shakes like crazy and always has. The only thing that makes me think it could be axles is the fact that with the wheels turned sharp in one direction or the other the shaking is multiplied greatly which is honestly not even bearable. Is this possible a transmission issue? My transmission seems to be working fine although sometimes it seems to stumble a bit or something but mostly only when getting on the accelerator hard. This is another issue I would like to solve before buying the cam kit. I did talk to Raxels and if I do need axles I will get some from them but, If this car is going to need $2K + in parts I may just get rid of it.

    So if the coolant and vibration issues can be resolved without a major hit the the wallet the next thing I must address is the camshaft. My car has really gotten loud over the last few months. I have always used the correct oil (EPS Mobil 1) and my oil changes have never exceeded 10K miles even thought I have read many go as long as 15K. My cam shaft is worn for sure. The odd thing is my engine seems to run fantastic. It will still get up and go pretty good and like i said I have no real smoke issue but I have been noticing the loud intake thumping sound on top of my car just becoming overly loud in general. I honestly do not want to spend $1000 on one of the fancy cam kits but I would like to use good quality parts at least comparable to OEM stuff. Any suggestions on a vender for these parts would be fantastic. I will also of course do a timing belt job while I am at it.

    The last thing but least important is where the heck is the water in my floor coming from? If it sprinkles outside there is water in my car. If It rains then the sun comes out my car is like a steam bath inside with all the glass fogged up on the inside. This has been a pain the butt and I have or I thought I had looked into all possible causes. Both passenger and drives side floor boards are constantly wet. This is something I would like to fix but of course if the other things can be resolved first.

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    Coolant loss could well be the radiator, down the bottom corner on the left is really common over here, hard to see but often a pinky crusty residue left around.

    Oil in the tdi is ALWAYS black, new oil in, fire up the engine, oil is black. It's just the little blowby from the pistons due to the very high compression and completely normal.

    How about the the gearbox mounts? Not all soft or that? I'd check the movement to see it's not excessive.

    The water thing is going to be a seal somewhere, around the ecu, maybe on the bulkhead where a cable runs through, cabin filter intake or anything else in there. Tricky to trace but it's usually always something like that.
    Usually involves removing some trim and getting in about in the cabin with a torch while someone assists with a hose.

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